Making Superior 
Dit Da Jow

by Lohon Larry Matheny
& Jung Shee Lacy

Finer Points of Making Superior Dit Da Jow

Lohon Shi Hing Larry Matheny is my oldest yearly tested student / elder brother Shi Fu within my 18 Daoist Palms System. Larry specializes in coconut breaking, iron body, weapons and the Tibetan Lama Burning Palm. 

Larry is a long time postal worker and likes to hobby shoot with his vintage M1 Girand. Larry is a "cat" person like myself. Both of us share a deep interest in western, eastern and American Indian herbology. 

I wrote a book in the Library of Congress entitled "Authentic Five Elder Martial Arts Formulas." Zev Rosenberg is head of the herbology department at San Diegoís Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. He is a licensed herbalist, acupunturist and Chinese medicine doctor. We met by being columnists for San Diegoís original alternative newspaper called "Wholistic Living News." I was honored to have had him assist me in the bookís creation, as well as a video we did concerning some of the formulas covered in our book.

Our first book was printed in collector item numbers of 60 and sold out through Ryukyu Distributor/Publishers. The original books sold for $125. Some good news is that the original book has been completely revamped and is better than ever. The new Revised Version will be sent to Ryukyu on CD-ROM to print unlimited copies, albeit I still have copyright. The new version was put together by myself and Lohon Shi Fu Andy Williams. It is around 100 pages and covers a half dozen or so formulas, broken down with weights and color photos.

Mew Hing Productions will market the bookís contents on CD-ROM along with a large database of ingredients with color photos. So far our database is over 400 ingredients. The CD-ROM version will contain about 30 formulas to start with. Video will show even more, to enhance the first in a series of CD-ROMís. 

You will see these and other products emerge on a regular basis via our website at Hear my over 50 major Martial Art Magazine articles read to you personally via streaming audio that does not require any plug-ins on your part. See video and animations, including the "string break" with a coconut and Lohon Henson demonstrating the bottom of two-coconut break.

In this column, I want to share the rest of the space by introducing you to a very advanced method of getting the most potency for your money from a package of dit da jow herbs. My student Lohon Matheny will now share this priceless information with you that took him time and patience to come across.

Increasing the Potency of Herbal Formulas

Iíd like to pass on a technique I use to increase the potency of an herbal formula. It utilizes a basic principle of organic chemistry, which causes a more complete extraction of the herbal properties into the alcohol/water mixture (which is what vodka, sake, gin, etc. basically are.)

I give credit to my long time friend Nick Wayne, for this information. Nick is not an herbalist, but he does have a good science background (he also makes a great batch of home brew!) Iíve been using this technique for the last several years with excellent results. Itís a variation of what you are used to doing, however, the end result makes this extra effort well worth it.

About five years ago, Nick asked me to get him a good jow formula, which I did (I got him our all-purpose #4 formula.) Several months later, while visiting him at his residence, I asked Nick how his jow was coming. To my surprise, his finished product was darker and stronger than anything Iíd made up to that point. I asked Nick how he was able to do this, and thatís when he told me of the method that Iím about to relate.

We all know how to make a jow or tonic:

1. Place the single herb or formula in a container.

2. Fill with the required amount of alcohol (vodka, sake, etc.)

3. Seal the container and set aside in a "proper place" to age (remembering to agitate the container once or twice per day during the aging period.) ("Proper place", here, is defined as a dark, "cool"/room temperature environment.)

This is the traditional way, or as I refer to it, the 
"One Soak Method."

After you place the herbs in your container, fill with half the required amount of alcohol (i.e., if your goal is to make 1 gallon of jow or tonic, use half a gallon of alcohol; if you plan to make a half gallon, use 1 quart of alcohol, etc.).
From here, seal the container and treat it as usual. Let your formula age for 6 weeks. After this initial period, strain the liquid mixture off into a second container, seal and set it aside for the moment (in a proper place.) At this point, before I proceed further, I always re-seal the original container and tip it to one side, allowing whatever liquid remains, to collect. Two to three days later, I strain off this remaining liquid and add it to what Iíve put aside in that second container. This is your "First Soak." 

"Two Soak Method"

You are now ready to begin "Part 2."
Take the original container and re-fill with the second half of your alcohol; re-seal and let this age for an extended period of time Ė the longer the better.

After the second aging period is complete, you strain off this "second soak" liquid and combine it with the "first soak" batch (which you set aside in that second container.)
Remember to repeat that step of tipping the container and collecting the remaining liquid, which you add to your finished bottle. Now seal your container or containers, store and use as needed.

So whatís going on?

Iím sure youíre well aware of the fact that some herbal properties are better extracted by water, others by alcohol. Substances like vodka and sake are an ideal medium for making herbal preparations. What you may not be aware of is the fact that some of the properties are more readily extracted than others. What this "Two Soak" method does is to first remove those more readily extracted properties (which is what that first six week period did), then those more difficult to remove properties are easier to get at. The second soaking, then, makes for a more complete removal of these more difficult to remove properties. The result is a more complete extraction of all the properties in your formula, and a more potent finished product.

I hope this information proves helpful and assists you in producing better herbal preparations.

Sincerely, Shi Fu (7 year) Shi Hing Larry Matheny;
Lohon, Ohio State Representative and System Secretary of Defense for Five Elder Monk Mew Hingís 18 Daoist Palms System International.

In Closing:

For those of you needing herbal orders filled, visit our site at for a list of over 20 formulas ready to fill. You must be 21 years old and call me personally at (619) 766-9256.


-Jung Shee Lacy

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