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The secrets of this lethal Death Touch fighting art is now yours. The feared Chinese "Dim Mak" system is a rarely seen art that teaches how to strike vital nerve points on the body which when hit temporarily disables or paralyzes your attacker. The crippling strikes of "Dim Mak" enable you to defeat a much larger opponent wishing to do you harm. This dynamic series by 7th generation Five Elders Grandmaster James Lacy also includes extensive information on "Dim Mak" herbal formulas used in healing injuries sustained from "Dim Mak" blows to the body. Begin your secret "Dim Mak" training by ordering these valuable videos today!

Dim Mak Herbal Formulas

This is the first place to start in learning dim mak. Herbal formulas are essential to Dim Mak training. On this first tape you will see a variety of formulas for different aspects of training. See some of Jung Shee Lacy's Doo's family rare heirlooms of jows passed down to him. Hear his students discuss how to make your own herb grinder and another student (with a degree in Chinese Medicine from Shanghai) discuss various individual herbs. Learn how to prepare a Dim Mak antidote external rub dit da jow from scratch. This tape documents rare passed down formulas. You will also learn how Dim Mak antidote soups and "hit pills" were traditionally prepared ahead of time to be ready when needed in an emergency. No other Dim Mak series put out to date has covered Dim Mak herbal antidote preparations, let alone from authentic Five Elder Dim Mak herbal lists written in the monk's handwriting. Although we pass this on for historical purposes and make no medical claims for this legendary information, nevertheless, no other Dim Mak instructionals have gone this far to expose the roll of herbs in not only making an art truly "internal", but also delving into an area inseperable from learning true Dim Mak of the highest lineage. See Jung Lacy's actual collection of over 1000 herbal formulas in the monk's handwriting passed down to him by his teacher. These are truly international treasures going back to 690 A.D. They include many that White Tiger founder and Five Elder leader Fung Doo Duk escpaed with from the burning Shil lum (shaolin) temple at Fukien in the 1600's with the other four elders. These formulas escaped the Ching foreign barbarian dynasty, the Japanese invasion and Mao's cultural revolution of the 1960's, thanks in not small part to my teacher's father, 5th generation White Tiger Jung Shee Kow Doo having taken the hightest lineage kung fu of China in 1948. His father taught Nationalist Koumingtang guards. Thanks to him and his sone not being communists, we are able to share China's true national treasure from its source direct to you. Kung Fu herbal knowledge at its finest, brought to you exclusively through Panther Productions.

Western Points: Time and Effects

Our Florida representative Master Tommy Turcotte utilizes six foot color Western charts of his he brought from China. This beautiful, huge, crystal-clear chart is used to highlight over 20 points at their precise location using colored pins. Jung Shee Lacy narrates from a script that took his Missouri State Representative Shi Fu Dr. R. Linsday Anglen a year to break down and prepare. Learn from a western point of view the exact location of Dim Mak points, times, and effects from our system's oral tradition. Learn the exact western medical terminology to explain what bones, tendons, nerves, ligaments, muscles, arteries and lymph nodes are within these legendary Dim Mak areas. Learn from a western perspective why various angles and degrees of penetration would cause certain types of destruction. Be amazed at how these explanations coincide with our ancient oral traditions within the system. Memorizing these twenty or so points from a western perspective will be valuable in mentally visualizing the unleashing of your iron palm hand's chi to vital spots with accuracy and spirit / mental focus.

Eastern Points: Time and Effects

Before the modern clock, before Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from the foreign barbarian Ching Dynasty, there was Dim Mak within the Five Elder's curriculum based on "sei sun" or dimming of the sky. In other words, the metaphysics of Dim Mak was based on signs and shadows. TCM borrowed heavily from Chinese Folk Medicine of the Ming Dynasty. Much of this esoteric knowledge was guarded within the most elite lineage kung fu systems, mainly Five Elder, toward the end of the Ming. We are referred to in classical terms as a "non acupuntrue system" because our points, times and effects do not always fit within the paradigm of strict TCM's simpleton reversal of acupuncture points. This tape shows the position of our twenty or so points, utilizing six foot color acupuncture charts (instead of Western charts). Since Dr. Anglen is an acupunturist, he is able to articulate reasons for certain similarities and coincidences as they apply in explaining the validity of our historic points, times and effects in light of their position on these purely Eastern acupuncture points. Certain of our points do align with known acupuncture points, where many others do not. The way this Panther series on points, times, and effects covers western and eastern views in depth, unparalleled. Add to this brief discussions on modern documented "non acupuncture" systems and how they share similarities to our Mew Hing White Tiger Dim Mak tradition, and truly you will see how we have covered the bases like no other Dim Mak series. Truly these tapes will compliment the fine work others have done to date, as well as go beyond into areas never before discussed.

Points: Times and Effects

Techniques In this tape Jung Shee Lacy and Master Turcotte show you each of the over twenty points in sequential order, using slow and fast demonstrations of how to hit each point in one to four moves. Any system's techniques can be used to hit Dim Mak points. Nevertheless, there are real Dim Mak meditations and forms. Later in future Panther tapes we will expose the more advanced Mew Hing White Tiger Dim Mak that contains 40 new points and two Dim Mak stationary fighting hand forms that average over 175 moves each, based on angulation! In other words, there is more to come, but this new series will lay the foundation.

Authentic Meditations and Fighting Forms

This tape is one big reason why this Panther series is so unique. No other system of Dim Mak worldwide has ever produced a professional series with seven authentic Mew Hing White Tiger Shaolin (Buddhist) and Immortal's Bloood Heaven's Chi (Taoist) Dim Mak Meditations and fighting forms on one tape! Each of these two systems have two meditations and two fighting forms. So why aren't there eight forms? We left out one of the two Immortal's Blood Heaven's Chi fighting forms; number two of the two. We will let it out with Panther later when we let out the other 80% of our Mew Hing System's White Tiger Dim Mak. This single tape will give you the two Shaolin seated meditations with hand movements. These are Buddhist Shil lum Dim Mak seated meditations from the Fukien Shi lim (Shaolin) temple, saved by Fung Doe Duk before the burning where the famous Five Elders escaped. The two meditatinos teach you to circulate, move, and feel the chi in any part of your body at will. THis allows for sensitivity to avoid having a strike do as much damage or hit a vital spot. Slight angulation is what Dim Mak is about at the highest levels. The two Shaolin fighting forms are short to learn and easy to remember. As my teacher would say, "the simplest is the most profound." The few quality techniques done in moving meditation tempo, develop a few good moves to a very high level of explosive destructive capability, utilizing intense mental imaging of the moves' many applications, explosive naturally developing in those individual techniques and a degree of chi projection. The Immortal's Blood Heaven's Chi Dim Mak Standing Moving Meditations are given as well as Fighting Form #1 of the two that exist in the system. Taoist Dim Mak meditations help develop a type of chi projection to hit the points with internal (spriti / will) force. These seven forms on one tape is truly a great buy!

Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Chi Materialization Levels 1 and 2 Combined

While the name "Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Chi" rings a bell for many martial artists, remember this: there are 18 levels of that particular type, and each level contains as many as 37 moving meditations, both seated and standing. This series with Panther shares the name Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Chi with one unique distinction at the end: materialization. There exists no greater demonstration on one's personal religious experience with chi than to be able to actually make it materialize as a smoke-like vapor, or luminescent light that can glow in the dark. I have seen this live many times. This type of highest level is referred to as Mew Hing's White Tiger Flying Phoenix Heavenly chi materialization. In this specialized division there are nine levels. The first level teaches one to rub the chi as a vapor-like smoke from the fingertips. The second level allows the practitioner to literally grunt the chi vapor like smoke from the hand witout rubbing the fingers. Subsequent levels release this vapor from all over the body and this type of chi materialization will glow in the dark as well as have an odor. DO not expect to accomplish these legendary feats necessarily. The regimes we offer you on this singular tape cost our members $2000 to learn. Hardly anyone will have the discipline to do this training at the exact time for ten years daily as well as adhere to the strict diet. Nevertheless, any sincere effort to incorporate this length four section seated moving mediatino will acwuire excellent results as far as others being able to feel your chi from a distance withing about six months of daily practice. You will feel the chi the first time you do the form all the way through, memorized and with your eyes closed. The form takes about 40 minutes if you take your time doing a five minute breath control and five minutes to do the moves just one timer per section. It can also be shortened to a twenty minute rountine for beginners. There is a special breath control sequence for each section. I have personally seen and documented my teaches materializing the life force energy chi. This footage is eventually abailable to our students that test. This singular tape contains one of the highest levels of Mew Hing White Tiger Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Chi meditations ever let out by anyone, worldwide.

Analysis of Chi Kung

After viewing most of the Dim Mak let out thus far from non direct Five Elder lineage, I noticed none had focused an entire tape on scientifically analyzing not only the bio electric effects of dit da jow on human tissue, but also the effects of chi kung being able to regulate imbalanced chi levels and open up clumped blood platelets. I picked Shi Fu Dr. R. Lindsay Anglen to guide you through the science of why chi kung works. Dr. Anglen is a world renowned chiiropractor and acupuncturist. He is certified to take blood samples and is a nutritionist. He will explain in depth his experience with our dit da jows and chi kung from a scientific perspective. China requested to use his research findings at the second East/West Conference of Chi Kung. See first-hand how tools like an electro meridian imaging unit and a $7000 dark field microscope (equipped with a video monitor) can aid us in deepening our understanding of chi kung and herbs, both indispensable components of authentic Dim Mak, as well as any true "internal" system.

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