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18 Daoist Palms System
Iron Palm Training - Iron Palm Videos

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The Most Complete Iron Palm Training Ever!

A 10 Tape Video Course!

You could learn to hit like this! (click here to see)

You don't just learn to Hit Hard, you learn to FIGHT with our Iron Palm Training!

These tapes can be purchased directly from: PANTHER PRODUCTIONS.

Here's what you get:

  1. 18 Daoist Palms: Laying The Foundation Volume 1

    This tape will give you historical background on this lineage of information. Tips on how to learn by video as well as how to test for rank by video. The following are a list of things you will learn on this first tape. Iron Palm equipment gathering. Learn the coconut break procedure and how to make your own dit da jow. See the raw herbs that make up the formula. Learn most of the Latin and Mandarin names that make up the traditional iron palm all-purpose dit da jow formula. Striking procedure and material gathering. Learn how to construct and use the roller bar to develop the unstoppable punch. Learn how to make your own claw bag and techniques for it's use. Learn iron palm level #1 basics in English terminology. Sixteen stances, ways to move in the stances and their use. Learn Lacy's standard terminology to help learn any information in his Panther series of instructional videos. Closed, open trapping and windmill blocks broken down. Learn punches, strikes, kicks, and leg maneuver techniques, as well as falling and breakfalling principles. Learn iron palm level #1 basic grab and lock applications against grab and knife attacks. Learn simple submission applications. Iron Palm level #1 basics. One thousand pound rooted horse and Mew Hing's Golden Bell inner forearm iron body training.

  2. 18 Daoist Palms: Laying The Foundation Volume 2

    Learn a standing meditation for memory and internal healing complete with percentage breath control sequence explanation. Learn abou hay and noi kung. Learn a seated level #2 iron palm meditation and a lying down meditation for hearing and eyesight. Learn a lying down meditation for levitation. Learn a rare Five Elder monk Mew Hing's Burning Palm chi kung. Learn three levels of the Tibetan Lama Burning Palm chi kung that White Tiger founder Fung Doe Duk learned directly for the Dali Lama in the 1600s. Explanation of some of the moves and applications of these chi kung in terms of self defense.

  3. 18 Daoist Palms: Chi Enhancement Tape

    Learn 14 seated White Tiger meditations for chi cultivation and mental clarity. Split screen image and commentary on the finer points. 18 standing White Tiger meditations for chi cultivation and mental clarity. Vibrating Palm chi kung. Shattering Palm chi kung. Nine high level seated iron palm chi kung: Lotus Position, 10,000 Buddha, Stars in Heaven, Monk's Form, Moon in Heaven, Monk Fanning, Snake Gliding on the Grass, and Golden Dragon.

  4. 18 Daoist Palms: Solo And Two Person Seven Star Continuous Fist

    Five Elder monk Mew Hing was considered the most secretive of the Five Elders. One can get a taste of the flavor of the 18 Daoist Palms system through this first form in the system. This form is quite lengthy and is a combination of long hand and short hand techniques. Leg maneuvers, variations of footwork, angulation, a myriad of iron hand strikes, unusual elbow techniques, and excellent trapping and blocking techniques are included. This form is a great physical workout and introduction into authentic Five Elder Kung Fu. Panther Productions is the sole distributor of these tapes and the first in world history to show the material on these nine tapes professionally. Self defense breakdowns are shown and the two person form is included. Also shown is how to do the two person form as a solo form. Mew Hing and Hee Shin Shim Shee, founders of 18 Daoist Palms and Northern Shaolin respectively, were killed by the traitor monk Bak Mae. Later, Bak Mae was killed by White Tiger leader and founder teacher of the Five Elders, Fung Doe Duk. Only Fung Doe Duk and Ng Mui survived. Fung Doe Duk taught my teacher. Mew Hing's system was kept secre until 1988, when the Jung Shee 7th generations title was passed to James Patrick Lacy. This is the first time in world history it is being offered to the public. I have made the system even more unique by incorporating White Tiger, White Eyebrow, Northern Shil Lum and Plum Flower that I have been privy to.

  5. 18 Daoist Palms: Heavenly Thunder Palms, Iron Palms Solo Fighting Form

    This tape will start you on the road to learning how to fight with your new found skills and solid foundation developed in tapes #1, #2, and #3. Tapes #1 and #2 familiarize the viewer with the basic terminology that will be quite helpful in learning the iron palm coconut break solo form. This is a very practical fighting form, good for all body types and ages. Each technique is broken down into its application and different angles are shown. No high kicks, acrobatics, or ground grappling in this form. This is how you will fight when you are a senior citizen. Learn the meaning of how to use your new found coconut breaking skills to merge with the concept of stationary and placement being the highest form of appreciation. Learn how to mow your opponent down with footwork and inflict skull crushing power with your newly developed coconut breaking skill. This form can be done slow as a meditation or very fast and explosive. This form will defend universally against all styles. The over 33 moves repeat on the opposite side to confuse the brain. This form was developed by Five Elder monk Mew Hing and is called Heavenly Thunder Palms. After learning to break coconuts and internalize the solo fighting form, the monks used the iron palm moving meditations to further develop explosive chi projection, jing force, and true speed through slowing key fighting moves down super slow and with the addition of standing stationary percentage breath combinations that activate and trigger the chi. Tape #5 will show you the internal iron palm level 1 moving meditation #1.

  6. 18 Daoist Palms: Iron Palm Coconut Breaking Demonstration

    The true test of the iron palm is not so much what one calls it, as it is the substance being broken. The most prestigious breaking material was coconuts, as this harder material was not used at Shaolin nor the Taoist sacred mountains of O'Mie, Mo Dong or Wu Dong. It took the leader of the Five Elders, Fung Doe Duk to save the Shil Lum art, incorporate the best of the native Chinese Taoist internal arts, and travel incognito as the leader of the TRIAD to find this rare coconut breaking art in Northwest China's Talkalmakan desert. In this area of China that bordered Russia, Fung Doe Duk became deathly sick trying out herbs for his iron palm. He was saved by a desert tribe of Ugur inhabitants that took him to a sacred hidden oasis to be healed. According to oral tradition, Fung Doe Duk notice that they glided on the sand and left no footprints. This tribe worshipped a coconut God. A good portion of their lives revolved the coconut and it's many practical uses. He noticed that they would always break the coconut with the palm rather than smashing it against a stone. They believed that any other way was an insult to the coconut God. Fung Doe Duk shared his Flying Phoenix Heavenly Chi for health and self defense in exchange for the procedure that this tribe used to break the coconuts. WHile this tribe could hit hard, nevertheless they were not the true fighter that Fung Doe Duk was. It took the leader of the Five Elders to develop the different levels of coconut breaking. Aside from what one breaks, the next diffioculty factor is how one break it. The procedure for level 1 of the internaliron palm coconut break, in time and conjunction with the other Panther tapes, will create a well rounded fighter.

  7. 18 Daoist Palms: Internal Iron Palms, Two Person Fighting Form

    In authentic Five Elder martial arts of White Tiger, White Eyebrow, Northern Shaolin, Plum Flower and 18 Daoist Palms, two person forms are included with each solo form. Traditionally one had to wait 15 years before learning two person forms. This form on tape #7 called Heavenly Thunder Palms Two Person Sparring Form will take you to the next level in learning how to apply everything learned on tapes #1, #2, #3, and #5. This is a safe way to spar unless you are too slow. Nothing is subsonscious without repetition. Anything less than subconscious is too slow. This two person form will teach you how to effecively use your iron palm skill against the different body types of taller and stronger, taller and weaker, shorter and stronger, and shorter and weaker. These were the original forms of sparring in Kung Fu. You will learn to stay in the eye of the hurricane without breaking from the action. By working with differnt body types in differnet terrain, weather and clothing, the finer points of adjustment or range and angle are finely tuned. Tape #7 will also show you how to do Heavenly Thunder Palms Two Person form as a solo form. Finally, tape #7 will share the internal iron palm coconut break level 1 moving meditation #2. This meditation takes ten minutes to do. The first give minutes are the standing stationary meditation with the traditional percentage breath combination to trigger the chi. The next five minutes are the mocing meditation. Martial meaning of the movements are explained.

  8. 18 Daoist Palms: Sparrow Descending To It's Perch, Slow Moving Meditation, Solo And Two Person Form

    Fung Doe Duk, leader of the Five Elders, founded the TRIAD. This form, which he developed in the 1600s, was being taught to TRIAD members as part of the PAI (traidtional complete martial art systems) prior to Chen Tai Chi, Hsing I and Ba Qua being taught openly as PAI. The great Five Elders from Shil Lum spent twenty years incognito as Daoist priests while they revamped their systems to teach TRIAD members and fight the Ching foreigners underground. Later generations of TRIAD finally ousted the last Ching Emperor centuries later at the turn of this century. The Five Elder arts were actually first fast / internal arts being taught out as PAI. This is truly one of the forerunner form of Tai Chi. The solo form is broken down into stance and martial application. Also included is the two person sparring form. The solo and two person form can be done in a small 7' circle or less. No matter what your internal arts training background, you won't want to miss having this priceless form.

  9. 18 Daoist Palms: White Tiger Founder Fung Doe Duk's Rare Ba Ting Gum Iron Body Training

    Fung Doe Duk's rare Ba Ting Gum iron body training is unsurpassed in lineage being that Fung Doe Duk was leader and teacher of the famous Five Elders. This tape will share, for the first time ever, the rare Ba Ting Gum, or iron body training. The traditional training calls for flapping a cloth on top of water for hundreds of days before flapping with the hand under water for hundreds more days! This is done before practicing the lengthy dynamic tension form loaded with hand fighting techniques. According to legend, the monks would also enlist the aide of special herbal iron body pills that they hand made. One pil would be taken per month. Lacy shows his Mew Hing iron body formula in the monk's handwriting and shows one of the pills before eating it. This is shown for historical and ambiance purposes only. No medical values are claimed. Mew Hing's Golden Bell iron body form is shown on Panther tape #1 in this series. The Ba Ting Gum on tape #9 is done from a stationary horse stance and is over fifty moves.

  10. 18 Daoist Palms: Springy Palm Level # 1

    Iron Palm is a generic term. There are many types of iron palm, but none as prestigious as what the Five Elders have passed down through Fung Doe Duk, their leader and teacher. According to legend, the test of the Springy Palm was to break the coconut meat inside without damaging the outside. It was also said to have caused cancer in the person struck. Lacy has inherited 7 levels of the Springy Palm. This is the first time in history it is being offered to the public. According to legend each of the two meditations on this level 1 were valued at $85,000 each. It has been said that they are easier to learn and remember than Tai Chi and that they give as good as, or better, results. The monks used these, according to oral tradition, to lose weight, retard wrinkles and gray hair, and cultivate chi. Being Five Elder martial lineage, they also have tremendous benefits for developing springy internal force to enhance jing force - chi projecting strike force. A process of developing 8 different hand strikes by hitting a canvas bag of cotton and rice and then all cotton is explained and demonstrated. In ancient times to do the training exactly, one would need over twenty years and at least 8 hours per day training at the exact time on these seven levels alone. Lacy takes you through a modified version as well as passes on the tradition of the first of the seven levels he has inherited. A seated meditation with hand movements plus a standing - moving meditation are included with the procedure for this level 1. Unlike some chi kung, martial meaning are given for each of the movements in the seated and standing form. Any of the information on this series of nine tapes may be submitted for video exchange testing certification after one year from time of order. Contact Mew Hing Productions for further information.

If that's not enough continue your Iron Palm training with even MORE ADVANCED training.


  1. Iron Palm Coconut Break Level 1 Procedure and Herbal Formulas: Also Includes the 'Heavenly Thunder Palms' Solo and Two Person Form With Breakdowns, Push Hands and Eight Level 1 Standing / Moving Meditations, Complete With Their Own Percentage Breath Control Sequence Combinations.

  2. Internal Iron Palm Coconut Break Level 2 Procedure and Herbal Formulas: Also Includes Level 2 Solo Fighting Form and Breakdowns. Also, 9 Internal Iron Palm Level 2 Standing Moving Meditations Complete with Percentage Breath Control Sequence Combinations Unique For Each Meditation.

  3. One must accomplish and be certified by me directly in person demonstrating level 2 palm or higher level string break. I pick the coconuts, time, place and witnesses. No certification for levels 2 or 3 by video. One must achieve all the components of level one before being accepted to study level 2.

    No exceptions!

  4. Internal Iron Palm Coconut Break Level 4.

  5. 18 High Level Seated Iron Palm Meditations: All have names and come with and without hand movements. These were originally taught out for $2000 each.

  6. 28 High Level Standing Iron Palm Meditations.

  7. 9 Levels Of The Tibetan Lama Burning Palm System And Formulas.

  8. Springy Palm Levels 1 - 6: Each has its' own striking procedure and two meditations, one standing and one seated per level. Each level has a separate formula.

  9. Mew Hing's More Advanced Internal Burning Palm: Seven levels originally valued at $20,000. Each level has its own striking procedure and two meditations per level.

  10. 16 High Level Chi Producing Meditations.

  11. Winds Above The Ground: High Level Iron Palm Moving Meditation.

  12. Watching Clouds: Advanced Iron Palm Moving Meditation.

  13. Watching 10,000 Miles: Advanced Iron Palm Moving Meditation.

  14. High Level Shattering Palm Hay Gung Meditation.

REMEMBER This iron palm list does not include 10 levels to destroy the Tibetan Lama Burning Palm, 7 levels of the rare Fire Palm, 9 levels of the Shattering Palm nor many other high level iron palm chi kung, moving meditations, herbal formulas and special training exercises and drills.

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